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From a concept that became reality 20 years ago at a dining room table in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, OPRO has grown to become the most innovative and progressive mouthguard company in the world.

Founded and still owned by Dr. Anthony Lovat, a former dentist, OPRO grew out of Anthony’s belief that all children should have the best possible protection during sport for their teeth and gums. His idea was that this could happen through easy access to well-made, Custom-Fit mouthguards obtained via a dental visit, from a qualified dental surgeon, to their school or sports club.


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As with any start-up business, early on there were some stressful days, (and late nights too!) but undeterred, Anthony pressed on with his vision. The big break came when Roger Uttley, former England Rugby player and at the time Head of Rugby at Harrow School, invited Anthony to come along and speak at an independent schools’ PE conference. To an audience of around 20 schoolteachers, Anthony explained how his mouthguard service would work and the benefits pupils, and peace of mind parents, would receive from it and the rest, as they say, is history…

Fast forward 20 years and OPRO’s beginnings at Anthony’s dining room table have passed into company folklore. A lot has happened in that time:

We now supply over 1,000 schools and clubs nationwide with Custom-Fit mouthguards.
Our Hemel Hempstead based laboratory can make around 3,000 bespoke mouthguards a day.
In 2007 we received the Queen’s Award for Innovation, an accolade we are truly proud of.
We have many partnerships representing a wide range of sports around the world. Please click here to view information about our partners.

The energy and enthusiasm that led Anthony to start OPRO has been passed on to everyone who works at the company. Our passion for everything we do is our motivation and driving force to create the best possible products we can. Innovation and technical expertise lie at the heart of OPRO and we obsess about every detail of what we do. We are proud of our heritage and proud too that every OPRO mouthguard is made in the United Kingdom.

We’re looking forward to the future and what the next 20 years have in store for us.